MegaMillions Results AZ

The draw for the Mega Millions is held every Tuesday and Friday at 11 pm ET and you do not have to live in the USA to play this lottery, as it is easy to safely play online. It has a simple format, with players picking five numbers of their choice, from 1 to 70, as well as a single Mega Ball number from 1 to 25. If the numbers on your ticket match the six numbers drawn then you win the jackpot! You can also choose the Easy Pick option, which will randomly select the numbers for your ticket.

Tuesday October 26th 2021
6 14 19 56 62 9
Megaplier: ×4

Next Estimated Jackpot
$22 Million
Cash Lump Sum: $15.4 Million
Friday October 22nd 2021
9 14 26 29 66 22
Megaplier: ×3

Tuesday October 19th 2021
3 12 13 19 52 1
Megaplier: ×3

Friday October 15th 2021
3 20 31 34 65 18
Megaplier: ×3

Tuesday October 12th 2021
21 26 56 61 65 4
Megaplier: ×3

Friday October 8th 2021
21 24 36 40 70 22
Megaplier: ×5

Tuesday October 5th 2021
7 11 18 30 36 4
Megaplier: ×3

Check the MegaMillions Payout Chart for details of the prize structure

The Megaplier

If you want to test your luck further you can add the Megaplier to your lottery ticket when you purchase it. This enables any winnings to be multiplied by 2, 3, 4, or 5 (the jackpot is excluded from the Megaplier). The way it works is that just before the draw on Tuesday or Friday nights the Megaplier ball is drawn from a pool of 15 balls: 5 balls of 2X, 6 balls of 3X, 3 balls of 4X and a single 5X ball. This adds an exciting element of chance to the game as well as greatly increased cash prizes, which is a great way to boost your prize money!

Just the Jackpot

A special offer exists in certain US states called Just the Jackpot, which is a specific bet that allows players to play for only the main jackpot prize. When purchasing their ticket the player receives two plays for the jackpot only. This means that you will not be eligible for any other tier prizes, other than the jackpot. Players should check with their state’s lottery website for further details.


Arizona's first winner of the MegaMillions jackpot was in the draw which took place on Tuesday 9th june, 2020.